Every 4 years, The Wesleyan Church holds their international youth conference. This event is called FOLLOW and will occur December 28th-30th, 2023.

We are still waiting for the exact cost of the event, but based on last event’s cost and current inflation, we are estimating the event to be around $250 per person (that fee only includes conference cost and hotel costs). We believe we will be able to provide transportation for less than $100 per person. Again, that is an estimated cost, not concrete.


In 2019, we gathered and loaded 124 people in three charter buses at three different locations:

● Victory Highway Wesleyan in Painted Post, NY
● New Hope Wesleyan in Hornell, NY
● Weedville Wesleyan in Weedville, PA

We will most likely use similar locations to duplicate the transportation.
The Penn York Youth Ministry needs your help. Please get this information to a leader that can respond with imperative information before or by February 24th, 2023. We are looking to see if your church would like to receive district assisted transportation via charter bus to the FOLLOW Youth Conference in Cincinnati in December of this year. Your immediate assistance will help us determine how many buses the district will provide.

Please complete the (2) question survey in the link below by or before February 24th.
Your help will allow us to prepare for subsidization funds to offset the costs. We hope to provide your youth groups with affordable transportation. We are excited for another opportunity to attend a life-changing conference as the Penn-York District. If you have any questions, please email:

● Pastor Mason Sebian at [email protected]
● Pastor Travis Johnson at [email protected]
● Pastor Aaron Strange at [email protected]