Church Multiplication

Developing churches that multiply themselves

Church multiplication is most commonly thought of as strictly church planting. The Penn York District celebrates church planting, but also celebrates equally multiplication in various forms. For the purposes of district unity, strategy, and support in the area of church multiplication and revitalization, we focus on the following multiplication categories…

Multiplication Categories

Disciples (missionaries) multiplying disciples…
Gatherings multiplying gatherings…
Church multiplying churches…

The Mobilization Flywheel
By Larry Walkemeyer and Todd Wilson

Moving along the multiplication pathway

Disciples (missionaries) multiplying disciples… A church discipleship program
  • Focused on entering into relationships with people to help them trust and follow Jesus
  • Obedience-based discipleship
  • Disciples reproducing by making disciples
Gatherings multiplying gatherings… Discipleship groups, multiple services, campusing
  • More formal, with some elements perhaps of the Wesleyan Church essential ecclesiology
  • Connected to an existing church for support, accountability, encouragement
Churches multiplying churches… Church planting
  • Meet the Wesleyan Church essential ecclesiology
  • Church started with the goal of becoming an autonomous church
  • Have a plan for multiplication

For more information on church multiplication in the Penn York District

Area Multiplication Leaders

Craig Cooper

Ed Torres

Nate Alsdorf

Richard Cox

Wayne Wager, Jr.